Posted by Bane on January 19th, 2017 in HD 720p, TV Shows SCENE

Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy – Charlie thinks Mac’s mom is holding his mom hostage so the gang installs spy cameras in their house to monitor what’s going on. What they end up discovering is the moms are quite entertaining once Dennis makes some quick edits and adds a laugh track to the surveillance footage. Dee wants in on the new hit show and Frank becomes obsessed with banging Charlie’s mom now that he’s seen her on TV.

Posted by Bluecafe on January 12th, 2017 in HD 720p, TV Shows SCENE

The Gang Goes to a Water Park – he gang takes a trip to a local waterpark, ripe with personal agendas and ulterior motives. Dennis feeds off his mantra of “the park provides” and takes on a protégé. Frank and Charlie are determined to ride every ride by any means necessary and Mac and Dee get stuck in a tube slide for most of the day.

Posted by Bluecafe on January 5th, 2017 in HD 720p, TV Shows SCENE

The Gang Turns Black – After an electric heating blanket shorts out while the gang watches the Wiz they look in the mirror and realize they’ve turned black. They have to figure out how to get back to being themselves by going through all the classic body switch movie shenanigans they encounter.